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Matte happens to be good friends with Ryan Silverstein , who Shay dated in Sasha Pieterse Sasha got engaged in December ! Her beau is longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer, with whom she shares two adorable dogs. Hudson is an actor, stunt performer, and production assistant. A post shared by Hudson Sheaffer hudsonsheaffer27 on Dec 22, at 7: A post shared by Janel Parrish janelparrish on Nov 11, at 1:

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Aug 4, 4: Despite the show being a great hit, Benson has also kept herself busy with numerous other projects. The California native began dancing competitively and modeling when she was a toddler but her dream job was acting. So with her extensive resume, how much is she worth? Benson signed a three-year contract with the well-known NBC day time soap opera.

But before becoming part of the legendary show, Benson starred in the rom-com 13 Going On 30 with Jennifer Garner as one of the Six Chicks.

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With that said I will say that I am extremely disappointed with this season finale. The whole summer they were building it up that we were going to come face to face with A. I know that Aria was snapping pictures earlier this season and said that A was a girl, well she thought that A was a girl, alright, only time we have ever heard about A being female. Most people are upset because of the whole transgender aspect of it, Charles chose to live his life as a female, that female being Cece, or Charlotte.

Neither of them are dating.

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Maisie Williams [Game of Thrones] disclaimer: The following story is completely fictional and would obviously never happen in real life. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of If you are under 18 please stop reading now.

And the last time she claimed to have one was five years ago.

Ashley Benson The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star recently opened up about how her rather shy demeanour can often be mistaken for rudeness, especially from first impressions. When They First Meet Although Ashley Benson is very convincing when she plays the outspoken and outgoing ‘Pretty Little Liars’ character Hanna Marin, in real life the year-old actress can be rather shy and is a self-confessed introvert.

Benson says people think she is a “bitch” when they first meet her While speaking with Wonderland magazine , Benson revealed she often gives an awful first impression, but she isn’t intentionally rude, the blonde beauty just takes longer than usual to open up to people. While the film is often very funny, and constantly challenges our preconceptions by veering in directions we don’t expect, it’s also an intriguing exploration of America’s hedonistic subculture. Gomez and Hudgens also crush their Disney princess images as Faith and Candy, who decide they want to go to Florida for spring break with their pals Brit and Cotty Benson and Korine.

But they’ve spent all their cash on drugs, so they rob a restaurant and head to the beach. After indulging in a series of raucous parties, they end up in jail and are bailed out by a sleazy rapper-gangster who calls himself Alien Franco. He takes them under his wing, getting them involved in his war with a dangerous cross-town rival Mane. The film is shot in lurid colours, with the girls wearing little more than fluorescent bikinis, sometimes accompanied with pink balaclavas.

And the score by Skrillex and Cliff Martinez is visceral and hugely atmospheric, adding unexpected texture to the way Korine explores physicality, drugs and violence. It’s also quite deliberate that, apart from the religiously minded Faith, these young women kind of blur together anonymously, like all the other bikini babes at the various beer-chugging, arms-in-the-air parties.

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Ashley squeezed her curves into a tiny two-piece, with the bandeau top only just covering up her impressive assets and leaving some underboob on display. Ashley Benson showcased her bikini body on the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Tuesday The bikini featured sexy double straps on the bottoms and an unusual grey and black print. As she worked on her tan while lying on the sand, Ashley lit up a cigarette and was spotted puffing away.

This pic is quite shocking for her fellows as well for ex lover that why she takes decision of baby in early days this relation.

Crimes Committed Stole Charlotte Roberts’ identity after she ‘died’ when they were teenagers Seduced her mother’s husband to get back at her mother for putting her up for adoption [ ] Stole drugs from Tony Jones’s medical bag [Aug ] Drugged A. Quartermaine [Aug ] Dumped a drugged A. Quartermaine from the police [May to Nov ] Health and Vitals Nearly died of severe hemorrhaging when Michael was born [Dec ] Committed to a mental hospital after shooting Tony in open court [Apr ] Fell down the stairs at the Quartermaines’ during a fight with A.

She was checked and released at the hospital. She resented her birth mother, Bobbie Jones, for giving her up for adoption, and Carly wanted to destroy her mother’s life. Carly didn’t understand that Bobbie had been a teenager living in a brothel and prostituting to support herself. All Carly could see was the life that Bobbie lived now. Carly quickly put her plan in motion and seduced her mother’s husband, Tony Jones.

Carly moved in with Tony as soon as his divorce with Bobbie was final. One evening, Carly and Tony had a bitter fight. Carly ended up at Jake’s, hoping to find her newest friend and sometimes lover , Jason Morgan. Instead, Carly found Jason’s brother, A.

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Rat-catcher — A rat-catcher is person who practices rat-catching, the occupation of catching rats as a form of pest control. In developed countries the role may be merged with, or the title inflated to, keeping the rat population under control was practiced in Europe to prevent the spread of diseases to man, most notoriously the Black Plague, and to prevent damage to food supplies. Anecdotal reports suggest that some rat-catchers in Europe would raise rats instead of catching them in order to increase their payment from the town or city they were employed by.

This, and the practice of rat-fights, could have led to rat-breeding, a famous rat-catcher from Victorian England was Jack Black, who is known through Henry Mayhews interview for London Labour and the London Poor.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne dating..

Save Pretty Little Liars has taught us many things about friendship, blackmailing and of course, style. It turns out the girls are great for lessons off-camera too. Ashley wore her hair in an edgy updo. I imagine this is how a s New Romantic would have styled their hair for prom. The safety pin earring only adds to the effect. If you look at the photos of Ashley straight on, I think there is just a bit too much volume on the top. I have the urge to flatten it down with my hand.

It looks awesome from the side though: To complement her punk updo, Ashley opted for a blue smokey eye. She kept things from becoming too costume-y, by keeping her lips neutral and enhancing her cheeks with a peachy blush. Ashley wore a blue satin jacket with bow closure and matching shorts. She added a black bandeau under the jacket, which appears to be the new way to style a suit.

The Pretty Little Liars star completed the look with simple black heels and a chunky chain necklace. Overall, I think the look is cool.

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Aug 14, 9: While there was a brief, yet unconfirmed, connection between Cara and Paris Jackson , these rumours seem to have dissipated as quickly as they arose. But now the model-come-actress has been spotted kissing A-lister and Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson in London, suggesting Cara is officially back in the dating game. Until now, Cara and Ashley’s friendship-turned-relationship has been pure speculation, but now there are pictures showing the pair kissing at London Heathrow Airport.

Ashley then followed the sighting with an Instagram selfie wearing another version of the ‘C’ necklace, this time with the letter ‘A’, worn over the top. The pair potential couple name ‘Cash’ were first thought to be seeing each other back in May following a series of Instagram posts showing they were spending time together: These posts were then followed by more pictures and reports on Twitter of the pair getting cosy in a bar: While Cara and Ashley are still yet to officially confirm the relationship, we’re definitely here for it.

‘PLL’ star Ashley Benson’s dating dealbreakers!