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These apps help with everything from cooking to sharing your photos and even chatting with friends. Gas App will let you see the gas prices for various stops along the way and how far they are from each other. This makes traveling so much more fun. GoMovies is like having a ticket office in your pocket. You can see show times as well as ticket prices and where the nearest theaters to you are located. No more looking for a theater that has the perfect movie, you can just look at your iPhone. IPhilker lets you look at photos on the web by searching or you can look at recent photos of funny people or interesting things. You can also share your interesting photos with the world through your iPhone. This is one of the ten best iPhone apps for adults because it allows you to look at many different newspapers in the US.

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Tinder is just too crude for some people. The banality of the app can make even the most open-minded person hesitant to freely explore what they really desire on sites such as Tinder. Yes, as open-minded and liberating as Tinder is, it can make people who are serious about their personal kinks uneasy to use the platform. Quite simply, the number of trolls and looky-Lous on Tinder makes those who are into alternate sexual scenes — especially the polyamorous — think twice before using the platform.

The absence of a dating or hookup app that took the polyamorous lifestyle seriously inspired the developer of Feeld to create the app in It is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Anyone else out there thinking of using an iPhone 6 Plus as a productivity tool?

On June 18, , Grindr announced that it had officially hit 4 million users in countries across the globe. In April , Grindr announced that About. Additionally, both Grindr and Blendr were selected as Official Honorees of the Webby Awards for award-winning work in the Social handheld devices category. In August , Grindr released an updated version of the app which requires users to create an account. Grindr says this was done to reduce spam and improve portability.

This new version also adds iPhone 5 screen support, so users on newer iOS devices such as the iPhone 5 no longer see black bars along the top and bottom of the screen when using the app. On September 30, , Grindr released version 2.

Apple announces the App Store’s Best of for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Email With over 1 million apps in the Apple App Store, finding useful, must-have iPhone apps can be a difficult process. The following is a list that showcases 21 of the best, must-have iPhone apps that you may not be familiar with, and includes iPhone applications for news, weather, productivity, games, photography, and finance. Umano Too busy to read? Whether commuting, working out at the gym, or cooking at home, let Umano accompany you and enrich your day.

Prismatic Prismatic is the home for all your interests. You select your interests and topics and Prismatic will curate and find stories based on the popularity of the post.

All of the smart garage-door controllers we tested performed well in opening and closing the doors remotely, offered notifications if we left the door open, and allowed us to close the door through the companion app.

It can only be accessed via an iPhone or Android app. That means that you must interface with it via a smartphone or tablet. The Pure app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google play. Their level of originality in performance and function being at a minimum — most seemingly interchangeable. During our Pure app review, however, we found that it successfully challenges the current paradigm of hookup apps.

Pure is not the slightest bit pretentious as to its purpose. The creators of this app are very clear about its purpose. It is to find casual sexual encounters with like-minded adults that are in your vicinity. In the process, they have stripped all of the unnecessary baggage that other hookup apps carry. This makes the app not only much easier to use but also far more practical. You are also aware that just skipping through the profile will usually result in poor matchmaking results.

This being due to the fact that most sites and apps use your profile data as a key component in generating your suggested pairings. Pure functions with the understanding that if all that you are interested in is an immediate casual sexual encounter, all that is needed are two mutually interested people. To get to that point of mutual interest all that both need to know is — what does the other person look like and how far away are they.

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Is hookup apps really works? And why we need Tinder Alternatives? Dating or hookup apps only can help you in finding another single person who has the same interest.

The problem seems to be confined to the iPhone 6 alone — not the new iOS 8 software recently pushed out by Apple.

Day One has outstanding apps for the Mac , iPhone , and iPad that all sync. It has a clever and rich feature set that lets you integrate photos, current location, weather data, and more into your journal entries. Get our detailed and extensive guide to Day One… Advantages and the importance of journaling As a writer, I believe journaling on a regular basis is critical. The writing I do in my journal is writing that will never be edited, judged, or nit-picked. I have my own inside jokes, my own running story arc, my own shorthand.

I love the freedom to write whatever I want, however I want, with no need to make it tidy or clear or concise. And I have no doubt that it makes me a better professional writer. Over the years, most of the major, monumental milestones of my life were documented in a Moleskine. These are the things my family and I will look back on 20 and 30 years from now with great fondness.

There is quite a bit of scientific and psychological research pointing to the mental and even physical health benefits of journaling. Several researchers, for example, have shown that people who journal report having significantly less distress, feel less depressed, and have an overall better mood. Additionally, individuals also report that journaling changes the way they behave towards and around other people. Other studies have found that people who journal for extended periods of time months also report an increase in emotional well-being, a better day-to-day mood, and fewer symptoms of depression.

Day One One of the greatest things about a journaling app is that it need not be only text.

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Apps are a handy way to stay organized and up to date on the road. A lot of great apps made the list last year and this year I am adding categories for the best travel apps. Great apps continue making updates and the changes we need to remain the best. However, I am always making room for some new favorites. TripIt will keep track of all your itineraries for you.

This includes hotels, flights, trains, and any other travel documents you need to keep in order.

The site impacted a small number of primarily Australian Grindr users and it remains shut down.

All of the smart garage-door controllers we tested performed well in opening and closing the doors remotely, offered notifications if we left the door open, and allowed us to close the door through the companion app. We focused our testing on how easy each controller was to work with, both in installation and setup and in everyday use it had to be easier than just pushing the visor button! We also spent time exploring integrations with other home-automation devices to see how much added value those brought.

Not pictured here are the Garageio and Iris controllers; the Iris is identical to the GoControl, just with the Iris logo. Finding a compatible controller for your garage Not all smart garage-door controllers will work with all garage-door openers. And contrary to what you might normally expect with technology, the newer your door opener is, the less likely it is to work with the majority of replacement garage-door controllers.

To test all of our chosen controllers, we had to use four garage-door openers: As a general rule, here is how you can tell which controller your garage-door opener will work with: If your garage-door opener was manufactured between and and has infrared safety sensors installed, it should work with any of these replacement devices. If your door opener does not have safety sensors most likely because it was manufactured before , it will not work with the MyQ Garage but will probably work with the GoControl, Garageio, and Gogogate2, because those wire directly into the opener.

To check the compatibility of your door opener with the models we tested, you can consult the lists posted for the MyQ Garage Chamberlain models; for LiftMaster models, go here , the GoControl and Iris Z-Wave, and the Garageio.

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First, there are two separate communities for teens and adults, so there will be no age discrepancies or worries of being courted by a potential partner 20 years your junior. What Skout does is find people for you based on your location and interests, and you can decide if you would like to connect. This could mean linking up at the same concert downtown, your favorite local bar, or even a walking tour in Rome.

The ball is in your court, and fate could have it your very match could be exactly where you are! For the strong believers in fate, this could be the app for you.

If you prefer the Android operating system, then look at a no-contract Android phone or one of the many tablets on the market, like the Nexus 7.

The top-ranked features will be included in future updates. We always love to hear from our users. Life without fan noise is good! Visit our homepage at bossjockstudio. Grab some good headphones. Load up your soundboard. Fine tune your show notes. Hit record, trigger the mic and go. Recordings are podcast ready, no need for post production. Full VoiceOver compatibility for visually impaired producers. Up to 16 Carts on the iPhone 5 and 35 Carts on the iPad duck and fade behind the mic for dynamic sound and smooth transitions.

Advanced Cart editing lets you fine tune playback in and out points on a per cart basis as well as Cart color and behaviors including looping, fades, auto-rewind and ducking. Audiobus lets you receive live audio from other Audiobus-compatible apps as a Cart or Mic source or use bossjock studio to feed other Audiobus-compatible recording apps.

Encodes to all your favorite formats — Mp3, m4a, Wav, Aiff with image and description metadata.