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Print Article AA We know what you’re experiencing right now. The thrill of getting on the road to Indio is too much to stomach perhaps its made you barf already. You’ve strategically panned out your setlist, who to see, and how to get there the fastest. But somewhere through the mountains of people, under the unforgiving sun, or running from Caifanes, at the outdoor stage, to trying to catch a glimpse of Robyn at the Mojave stage, you’re going to fuck up. So before you get in the car with your flips flops and sunscreen here’s your complete guide that will help you from being a complete asshole. As much as Coachella promotes itself as being a peaceful festival full of art and positive vibes, things do get out of hand–mostly at night. You’re not in the best shape to be running around, or God forbid you get pushed, because we’re not just worried about you, but the unborn child inside of you. And really, there’s so many toxins i. People, seriously, leave the art to the experts! No one thinks you look awesome.

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By Randall Roberts Apr 22, Rodgers and Avicii, who died last week at 28, collaborated on a track together called “Lay Me Down. Advertisement Backstage after the performance, Rodgers sat down to recall the wild story of how “Lay Me Down” came to be.

How are any of these people even still awake?

Real Life Funny Pictures Dumb People Tags coachella drugs drug mushrooms ecstasy industry vip asshole babies baby fan indio palm springs stroller sandal hippy hippies dirty mud camping camp festival bands dj techno children neon glow Hopeless Drug Addicts The majority of Coachella attendees fall under this category.

They know their lineup before any artists are announced. For these people, Coachella is less about seeing music with your friends and more about turning off your cell phone and peaking on mushrooms in the security line. Music festival my ass, Coachella is a drug festival with some noises in the background. Before anyone tries to say music is a drug, please save that argument. Bros Bros at Coachella are the worst.

They spend the festival shirtless so as to expose their sweet muscles and poorly thought-out tattoos. Once inside, they will try to fuck anything without a dick and fight anyone that threatens their space. They show up at night after attending pool parties all day then hang out in their little zone waiting for an intern to recognize them.

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This is especially important if you forget to take your tarp down.

Prepper Groups Coachella ValleyPrepper Groups Coachella Valley In time, and with greater awareness, we can grow to enjoy ourselves and locate compassion for the way we opted to respond even when our lowest of certain times. In time, treating ourselves badly or allowing others to hurt or disrespect us will feel wrong to our website.

It will feel so uncomfortable that good know we never can go past. We will arrive at a spot in which our self-worth cannot have your eyes turned by outside factors. The way you look at ourselves in the mirror modify. The way we walk, the approach we take to speak, the way you think, the way we interact with others and most importantly the approach we take to FEEL transform. We will understand how valuable and powerful we truly are and we shall start to use that knowledge to change our modern world.

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For example a nuclear turbine, yes, you make out the print right, a nuclear wind turbine. I think I will stick to something safer, but it is fun to see.

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One of the easiest ways of all is to use a fake tree, or make your own cute tree. That way, you save money and save the hassle of cutting down and recycling a tree. Ways to recycle your Christmas tree: Trees make great habitats for No matter how much lip balm you slather on, nothing seems to prevent the inevitable winter chapped lip lull.

Coachella is a happy place.

Apr 27, 2: Her boyfriend left to go to Jack in the Box to get some food. Next thing I know she’s looking at me. We start bangin’ in the bathroom at my friend’s mum’s room [where we’re staying]. All of a sudden, he’s knocking like, ‘Who’s in there?! Act like you’re throwing up and I’ll act like I’m taking care of you. And I’m like, ‘Jesus, you left her, she’s throwing up here! And it totally went through. No one found out. We’re in front of the main stage and we’re dancing.

I was drunk and I told her straight-up, ‘I got a little chubby. The fireworks went off.

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Apr 16, at Coachella Here we go!!! In honor of the weekend where your arm gets covered in pieces of fabric that opens millions of doors to happiness! And sure she was happy the whole weekend posting pictures of her different outfits at the festival. This year, the Mexican actress added this new title to her resume. So, no more expending money on the product.

And then there is the blue-haired Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku , an animated creation whose 3-D likeness has been performing to live audiences since

Posted on Mon Apr 17th, Kylie and Kendall Jenner spent the last few days partying it up at Coachella, and they weren’t riding solo! Kyls didn’t attempt to hide her affection for her new rapper crush at Jeremy Scott’s Moschino X Candy Crush party Saturday, and we have a feeling this is one big ploy to make Tyga jealous. After five minutes of being in a very crowded space, Travis got up and left the table, and Kylie followed him out with her friends following close behind her,” a source dished to People.

When she and Tyga are having drama, she tries to make him jealous by hanging out with other guys,” the source added. Meanwhile, Kenny reunited with her rumored boyfriend and wouldn’t leave his side. She rapped along to lyrics as the DJ played his song ‘F–kin’ Problems. She sat next to him the whole time,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly.

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David Spade hook up at coachella new Baywatch babe Charlotte McKinney the third degree before she hook up at coachella into the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for a weekend ag sex. Crochet them with flip flop soles! These lacy, cotton “Coachella Boots” will complete your boho-inspired outfits all spring and summer long! Dear Old men young women dating sites of Thrones: Pharmacy The Aviary Touring Coachella.

Your teenage years will rob you of your serotonin and fill you with sexual urges whether you want them to or not.

You know it well…or do you? For years, I knew from reading the articles that I was a Coachella hater — I would never be a tank topped, foul-smelling douchebag. But after having a gaygasm over the lineup online Outkast? I knew I had to go. Well, I now have, so here are a few things that I learned about Coachella from actually going there. More on that later , Coachella is not a horrifyingly smelly experience. Coachella is close to LA.

LA has lots of rich kids. Rich kids like things involving drugs and music. Therefore, there should be lots of rich kids. So, while there were a good number of Free People-clad citizens of Calabasas roaming the polo grounds, the majority of the young looking ones were college students.

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A Message From inthemix: As one of the oldest Australian new media companies, we have ridden the waves of change in media, technology and social over the past 18 years, and we know that the only constant part of these worlds is change. Evolution has always been in our DNA. Last year we rebranded FasterLouder to Music Junkee because we knew that the days of choosing just one genre were over, and the results have been amazingly encouraging.

Check this lantern out.

April 26, Friday 1: Overheard walking into Coachella: All the lights are going to be purple. Denise De La Cruz 4: Baggy, denim overalls on shirtless men seems to be some sort of trend this year. I call it hillbilly chic. A reminder to not take the brown acid. Had some great veggie tamales with some young women celebrating their college graduation at Coachella. Instead, they cross diagonally. The baby immediately starts crying.

Best band of Friday for sure. While hiding out in the lounge area from the raging wind, we spot the members of The Last Shadow Puppets just relaxing in their RV area just over the wrought iron fence.

What was new, and what wasn’t, about the Tupac hologram at Coachella

Getty Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1. Her boyfriend left to go to Jack in the Box to get some food. Next thing I know she’s looking at me. We start bangin’ in the bathroom at my friend’s mom’s room [where we’re staying].

You will have a spectacular time.

And although they’ve been signed to the influential Korean company, YG Entertainment home to BigBang and 2NE1 since , their roots trace back to the underground club scene. They rose to prominence around with their second album, High Society, but the group was already infamous for antagonizing the ultra-conservative Korean society with lyrics that took barbed shots at media, corporate companies, the government and even the entertainment industry. This diversity of songwriting and their reputation as charismatic performers is surely what drew Coachella to bring them to Indio, where they may well face the challenge of winning over a curious but uninformed crowd — which is where we come in to talk to Tablo about everything from k-pop to tough crowds.

What was your reaction upon hearing Coachella wanted Epik High to play, and that you’ll be the first ever South Korean group to take part? I guess my reaction was the same as when we’re invited to other big festivals We’re getting a lot of congratulations but I’d like to ask people to hold off on the congrats until You know, our duty is provide a good show for the people there and if we pull it off and they have a good time, a little bit of applause would be awesome.

Why do you think Epik High was chosen rather than an idol act or indie group? I think it’s because we’re right in between different genres and types of music — we’re a mainstream group that behaves like an indie group, for example.