How did Vermont go from being the most Republican state to the most Democratic

Kennedy was one of eight U. Taxes Abortion None of the above. Democrats revere JFK, yet on many key issues—the military, taxes, racial preferences, and abortion—he held conservative views. View Source Related reading: Kennedy opposed the use of racial preferences in his policies and decision-making. View Source Democrat hero JFK embraced conservative views on taxes, strongly supporting across-the-board tax cuts for rich and poor alike. Kennedy understand the economic importance of keeping taxes low. JFK was one of eight U. Presidents who was a lifetime member of the NRA.

Why Democratic Governors and Republican Mayors Have Become Rare

Or should they try to reach out to disenchanted independent and Republican voters with candidates whom those voters will find more amenable? The two outperformed five other candidates in a March primary, but neither got a majority of the vote. The winner of Tuesday’s runoff election will try to unseat Rep. John Abney Culberson R , who won reelection in despite Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton taking the district by one percentage point.

Dems scrap over rare House opportunity – Lexington Herald Leader:

We live in a pop culture time which I cannot abide.

Continue reading the main story Mr. Pence, 57, who accepted the Republican nomination for vice president on Wednesday night, is the only one of six Pence siblings who is no longer part of the Catholic Church. Though the family remains close, his embrace of evangelical Christianity was long a source of disappointment to his mother, according to the Rev.

Davis, the priest at the church in Columbus, Ind. The family idolized John F. All four of the Pence brothers were altar boys at their church, St. Columba, and attended its parochial school. They were at church six days a week, sometimes seven, if they were serving Saturday Mass. Even after they all went off to college, the church would call the Pence house during vacations or over the summer when it was in need of an altar boy.

While studying there, he felt something missing in his spiritual life. Pence came to feel that something was missing from his spiritual life. The Catholicism of his youth, with its formality and rituals, had not given him the intimacy with God that he now found himself craving. After graduation, he worked as a Catholic youth minister and even considered becoming a priest. Pence when she and her husband, Mark, worked with him at a law firm in Indianapolis in the mid s.

U.S. Senate: Senators Who Changed Parties During Senate Service (Since )

We need to rid ourselves of ALL career politicians and liberal communists. I voted for their candidate for president, Darrell Castle. The Republican party is near as bad, and it too, has been infiltrated by communists whose goal is the destruction and fall of America.

Jones, who has a long record in the civil rights movement, has made a major push for the black vote in the closing days of the campaign.

By Molly Ball Updated: November 15, 5: Moore has denied the allegations by five women, including one who said that he assaulted her in a locked car when she was But Moore is not as universally popular as his two election wins might suggest. Moore has a committed base of religious voters, particularly in rural Alabama. Some fretted that Moore validates the worst stereotypes outsiders hold about Alabamans as a bunch of barefoot, Bible-thumping rednecks.

Republican Or Democrat

It sounds from your posts they should not matter that much. But to me they inform how you relate to the world and your most important values. And I have a hard time believing in a church that has yet to stop condemning my son because he was born gay. I volunteer for the Democratic party and my oldest son is gay.

Republican members of the House and the Senate organize themselves into party conferences that elect the party leaders of each chamber.

November 5, 4 tips to make your relationship work despite political differences. Whether your politics skew to the left or the right, if you’ve fallen for someone who is essentially your political opposite , you might be a little bit shocked. The fact that you are dating — and maybe even married to someone whose political beliefs are radically different than yours might be causing a rift between you and your parents or friends.

Many people take their political affiliations seriously. Perhaps you were brought up to revere Ronald Reagan while your partner thinks that Reagan’s decisions are what got this country into big trouble. Maybe when you were a kid you helped your family put up yard signs for Bill Clinton but your partner has no respect for that former president’s policies. When you’re in a relationship with someone who is politically opposite, the potential for animosity and clashing is endless.

Some couples constantly argue and attempt to sway one another to their “side. Depending on how much you like to debate, this could be either invigorating and exciting or it may be extremely tiring and obnoxious. Some people take their politics so much to heart, they absolutely will not consider being in a relationship with a person who holds significantly different beliefs. If this is how you feel, it is important to know and honor that about yourself. After all, many political issues hit very close to home.

How Republicans and Democrats switched on civil rights

These racist Southern Democrats got so mad that their chief goblin, Senator Strom Thurmond, decided to run for President against Truman. They called themselves the Dixiecrats. Of course, he lost. Thurmond remained a Democrat until He continued to oppose civil rights as a Democrat.

That being so, I ask whether, with the principles which they really entertain, they are not doing more violence to their consciences by remaining in the old party organizations than they would do by joining a party which, though new, has the courage of its convictions.

Can you date a Democrat without shame? Can you bring home a Republican without fear? But love and groovy feelings can inspire people to reach across the aisle. Getty Images If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that in a few months, you’ll be overwhelmed by news stories with headlines like these: She’s a liberal Democrat — maybe a commie!

I just married a conservative, and my friends dropped me. I just married a liberal — her friends let me pick up the check — but they still hate me.

Republican Presidencies Have 91X the Convictions Rate of Democratic Presidencies

Arrow icon Walter F. Gerald McMonagle by 3, votes, the first of 17 terms he would win in the district. But there will not be an 18th election for Taylor, who turned 62 in April. With the primary election more than eight months away, Taylor said he had decided against seeking reelection, even though he is confident he could win again in a district where Republicans have been in the minority for his entire career.

Taylor confronts it every day. Daryl Metcalfe, a Butler County Republican known for staking out some of the most conservative stances in Harrisburg.

Our date was pleasant, but I’m not heartbroken.

I thought he would rape me The seat is currently filled by Sen. Luther Strange, a Republican appointed by former Gov. Bentley is now out of the picture, having resigned in April under threat of impeachment. About a week after taking office, his successor, Gov. Kay Ivey, made the fateful decision to move up the special election, which Bentley had set for next November, to December 12 of this year. When Strange, a relative moderate, lost the GOP primary to Moore, the twice-ousted former chief justice of the state supreme court, the race opened up — a bit.

But with Moore’s campaign now riven by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones, a former federal prosecutor, is ticking up in the polls.

If a Democrat Can Marry a Republican…