How to Hook Up a Fuel Tank to an Outboard Motor

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How to Hook a Garden Hose Up to a Boat Engine

Then you can encounter motors made in or for other countries, which will have some added letters as mentioned later in this article. Sometimes however it can get removed. If this happens, you can still usually tell which motor it is by looking at the 25 cent size soft plug in the upper rear RH side of the block.

It looked like the most sensible, flexible design out there.

Close Save changes Setting your engine on an outboard motor stand gives you access to every section when you’re doing basic service or rebuilding major components. Outboard motor carts also give you additional mobility to wheel your motor into the shed for storage. We also have carts with folding handles for compact storage over winter.

Don’t forget an outboard motor cover to protect it from dust and debris! These engine stands and carts are made of tubular steel and come in multiple sizes, with the largest ones supporting motors that weigh up to 1, lbs. Even if your boat doesn’t have a motor, you can still find moving and storage solutions in our other marine products. Discount Ramps carries several styles of boat carts including kayak dollies and canoe chairs for toting watercraft across the shores.

You can haul your boat trailer around the yard as well with one of our trailer dollies.

Mercury outboard fuel line hookup or connection fitting

Page 11 Use of other than Mercury Precision or Quicksilver parts when making warranty repairs. Oils, lubricants or fluids changed as a matter of normal maintenance is customer’s responsibility unless loss or contamination of same is caused by product failure that would be eligible for warranty consideration. It is strongly recommended that each operator driver read and understand this entire manual before operating the outboard.

This potentially violent action can cause occupants to be thrown overboard exposing them to serious injury or death. WARNING Should the operator fall out of the boat, the possibility of serious injury or death from being run over by the boat can be greatly reduced by stopping the engine immediately.

However Hypalon was discontinued by its manufacturer Dupont, and now it is sold under different name CSM.

There are two main types of fabric that most inflatable boats are made of. They are either PVC or Hypalon. Caribe, AB and Achilles inflatable boats were made of Hypalon in past. However Hypalon was discontinued by its manufacturer Dupont, and now it is sold under different name CSM. Con – Won’t last as long in the direct sunlight as Hypalon before it starts to fade out if left unprotected.

Does not tolerate sunscreen and insect repellent as well as Hypalon. Will tolerate fuel spills, sunscreen, insect repellent, and exhaust fumes better than PVC. Con – Significantly more expensive then PVC. In general PVC fabric won’t last as long as Hypalon fabric if the boat will be subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no measures have been taken to protect the PVC fabric from the sun i.

After a number of years in direct sunlight the PVC fabric will become sticky and fade out. Exposure of PVC inflatable boat to direct sunlight is not a problem unless your boat is going to be outside and unprotected all year long.

Outboard motor water hose hook up

I bought this for a 9. The product is well-designed, and the frame parts are very solid. The nuts and bolts included are suspect, so I replaced with stainless steel. The directions were probably the worst I have ever seen. The only thing the directions were good for were keeping the nuts and bolts from rolling around so much.

Remember the vertically mounted ones are more subject to this than the horizontal ones.

Spray fogging oil into the engine. Start the engine and spray fogging oil into all the carburetors. Just spray a little in each carb, and keep sraying in each carb with longer blasts, untill the smoke is rolling. A big blast in each carb should stall the engine for you, or shut it off with the key as soon as you stop the spraying. Remember to turn off the key after you stall it out on fog oil. Fogging Oil is a wax-base oil that prevents rust from forming on metal parts inside the engine.

Don’t worry about getting it all over the place, no problem, it will only prevent rust.

water hose hook up Page: 1

Although the difference was not night and day, I do belive they are running a bit smoother. Also, I think the engines were decabed not too long before I bought her last year so I may not have noticed as dramatic an effect. However, when I tilted my engines after pouring the seafoam into the cylinders, the seafoam was dripping pretty heavily out of the carbs and into my splash well and making a big mess. I had to tilt the engines back down a little bit.

Clean the boat tubes of any sun screen lotion marks to extend the boat fabric life cycle.

Jet location on carburetor 18 Jay Smith on the subject of correctly jetting a motor The plugs should be a “paper bag” color to be the ultimate in correct jetting. I don’t read plugs as there are too many varibles involved, I have had good luck only reading the piston itself. I make a high speed pass and if the hull will allow it without back washing over the splash well kill it clean.

Then I roll 5 piston as generally 5 is the hot hole on a Mercury and prone to burn if the mixture is too lean to bottom dead center and look at the piston crown on the intake side that will be the side toward the outside of the block with a bend o lite , the intake side of the piston at the intake port should be wet and look moist about the size of a quarter out toward the middle from the port.

If the wettness is over across half of the crown your too rich and can lean down a bit. If it is dry and ashy in color your too lean and you need to richen up in a hurry. Maybe other people have different methods but this has always been the ticket for me.


Over torque of the spindle nut will lead to a very hot bearing very quickly. Duane But here’s the exact instruction from X Tighten castilated nut figure 17 to ft. Many references I’ve seen recommend 0. Checker had all the parts in stock and were cheaper than AutoZone. When you look closely at the inside bearings you see “Mexico” on them!!

It may be necessary to turn the rotor slightly to mesh the slot in the distributor shaft with the tab at the base of the distributor shaft.

There’s a right and a wrong way to perform this essential task. The buildup of salt in your outboard can cause blockages that result in overheating and eventual corrosion. John Tiger Back in the day, flushing an outboard with fresh water was done only one way. A set of “ear muffs” or “flush muffs” was fitted around the engine’s gearcase to cover the water intakes, connected to a garden hose with a good water supply, and the engine was run for five to 10 minutes.

But today’s outboards can be flushed using other, sometimes easier methods, without even starting the engine. Salt and brackish water is a corrosive killer of the aluminum from which outboards are made, so flushing every time after saltwater use is a must. Left unchecked inside the cooling passages, saltwater will quickly build up and may cause cooling blockages, leading to overheating and, over time, can corrode an engine from inside out.

All outboard manufacturers recommend flushing according to the procedures outlined in the engine owner’s manual after every use in salt, brackish, dirty, or polluted waters. Operating an engine in sandy, silty, or muddy fresh water also dictates the need for periodic flushing. The Old-School Way Photo: Yamaha Flush muffs are the most common way to flush an outboard; they’re available at most marine stores and online resellers.

They’re inexpensive, and easy to use. Connect to a garden hose, fit the muffs over the engine’s water intakes on the sides of the gear case, turn the water on, start the engine, and let it run.

Outboard motor water hose hook up So I only flush with the hose fitting outboard motor water hose hook up not running. Send a private message to Class Act. How do you test an outboard motor out of the water?

Ford is recommending to use the following oils for the listed operating temperature.

Starter Motor only if you are replacing the starter, of course. Disconnect the wires from the terminals on the starter solenoid terminals 30 and Carefully note which wires go where. The heavy black one is from the battery and attaches to the solenoid on a good-sized stud, secured with a nut. The other smaller wire, it’s supposed to be red comes from the ignition switch.

It has a female spade connector on the end of it and attached to one of the two male spade connectors inboard of the battery connection NOT the one outboard of battery connection, right in front of you. You really didn’t think it would be that easy, did you!? Now completely remove the inner bolt. Note the “D” shaped head on the bolt.

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If this is the case, then it is recommended to replace them.

Unlock the rear latch by pushing lever down. Lift rear of cowl and disengage front hook. An anode helps protect the outboard against galvanic corrosion by sacrificing its metal to be slowly corroded instead of the outboard metals. The anode requires periodic inspection especially in salt water which will accelerate the erosion. If the filter appears to be contaminated, remove and replace. Visually inspect for fuel leakage from the filter connections by squeezing the primer bulb until firm, forcing fuel into the filter.

Page 7 especially in salt water , always apply a coat of the recommended lubricant to the entire propeller shaft at the recommended maintenance intervals and also each time the propeller is removed. Place a block of wood between gearcase and propeller to prevent rotation and tighten propeller nut. Secure propeller nut to the shaft with cotter pin. Spark plug Lubrication Points 1. Description Where Used Part No.

Lubricating the tiller handle bushing and shift handle detent requires disassembly of the product. These points should be lubricated at least once a year by an authorized dealer.

Old 70 horsepower Johnson having problems with the fuel line and a brand new tank from Walmart