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Unlike the Polaris that installs to your pool return line, the Polaris installs into a dedicated pool cleaner line. Reasons to purchase the Polaris cleaner. How does the Polaris work? It operates off your dedicated pool cleaner line and booster pump. The Polaris has jets positioned in the cleaner that moves the cleaner, causes the sweep tail to sweep and creates the suction to vacuum debris into its own filter bag. How is the Polaris cleaner different? The Polaris runs off a separate booster pump and is installed into a dedicated pool cleaner line. When you look at a Polaris cleaner compared to the Polaris cleaner, 4 features should stand out immediately.

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Best Automatic Pool Cleaner for your Pool Posted on by Kristine Malak January 4, Being a pool owner, I spent countless hours outside vacuuming my pool by hand instead of in my pool enjoying it. I finally decided to take a chance and get an automatic pool cleaner. In Ground Pool Cleaners Many factors go into buying a pool cleaner. For the most part, the cleaners are going to perform the same. Hose and cord lengths for in ground cleaners tend to be longer since in ground pools are typically larger in size.

Attach the leader hose to the cleaner feed pipe and secure with a mender nut.

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The Polaris works exactly the same, but it has a longer hose for deeper inground pools.

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There are two majors brands to choose from when it comes to pressure side cleaners, Pentair and Polaris. Both brands come with: Hose and wall attachment to hook up to the pool wall Back-up valve that helps to reposition the cleaner. These cleaners offer a wider debris port and even larger debris bag, which makes them better for pools that are surrounded by lush yards and landscaping that presents cleaning challenges. Polaris Polaris has arobust lineup for its pressure side cleaners that use a booster pump.

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Great for leaves and other large debris. Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool, but did you know having a dirty pool can destroy pool lining, your pump, and other important components of your pool? Cleaning your pool is part of proper pool maintenance providing a more pleasurable swimming experience and extending the life of your pool. There are several types of pool cleaners that are commonly used and quite effective. Prior to considering a pool cleaner, you need to know about water balance.

Water balance can be confusing but is the most important aspect of pool maintenance.

If you turn the setscrews to the left, which is counter-clockwise you can loosen them and then slide them on the dial to the correct time.

When we purchased our house with the pool it had a Pentair Legend 4-wheel cleaner. The pool has steps on one end and a raised level with bar stools on the other. The Pentair was continually getting stuck trying to navigate around the bar stools. When it was time to replace it I got the Polaris It does a better job maneuvering around the bar stools, however the length of the hose affects its performance; to short and the hose snags on the top of the stools; to long and the will occasionally tie the hose in a knot where it comes out of the pool wall.

The does a respectable job on the steps, but the bottom of the cleaner does drag on the edges of the steps and sometimes gets hung until the backup valve kicks in. However, I haven’t read of another cleaner that does any better. In Texas our pool and cleaner runs all year so when the doesn’t appear to be moving properly or is slow moving around the pool I order a tune-up kit.

For less than half the price of a new this kit replaces all the wheels and moving parts and in effect you have an almost new cleaner I also highly recommend the tail sweep pro for the end of the tail sweep, unless you don’t mind getting sprayed or having it spray pool water on your windows.

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Specifically in regards to the Polaris , Polaris and Polaris pool cleaners. To keep this post relatively short, I will discuss the differences between these Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners separately, starting with the Polaris The Polaris pool cleaner is different from the Polaris and Polaris cleaners, because the Polaris is a pressure side cleaner that does not run off a separate pump known as the booster pump or automatic pool cleaner pump.

Why would you purchase the Polaris cleaner? If you have an in-ground swimming pool that does not currently have a pool cleaner line installed and you do not have a separate booster pump.

Just give us a call on our toll free number at the top of the screen and we’ll walk you through it.

Search Want to save lots of money on your pool this year? Just enter your email address to download the guide today! Download Now We respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time. Join 58, other pool owners. Click here to get our FREE weekly pool maintenance newsletter! I have a question. My Polaris is not working. My booster pump had quit working, so I replaced it. There is water going to the Polaris, but it is not moving. What do I need to look for to see what is wrong?

Thanks for your question Kim!