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And really great for dating purposes, since it was used for one year only Introduced in the model year, it appears in catalogs, toys, and boxes until at least ……and has even been seen in some company catalogs and brochures until early in The last use of this logo appears to be in the model year. This logo design hit the shelves for over 10 years, seeing its last use in F The use of this logo design is hard to pin down….. We can only assume that once Fisher-Price started marketing a number of non-toy products such as furniture, roller skates, etc. Four red scallops outlined by a white pinstripe, hang below a horizontal bar.

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The Fisher Price Incrediblock is a high-tech learning toy for babies nine months to about two years old. It has the ability to occupy your baby almost endlessly. The block is 16 inches x 16 inches and stands about 15 inches high, just the right height for children to pull up on when they are learning to stand.

And since Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel, parts re-use kind of comes with the territory.

Only if we do not have a “viable” unit in yet, either already in process or in line to be processed, that may potentially need parts from a “parts unit”, will we release available parts for sale even though they may appear as available for sale to the public. As many of you know, the restoration of a unit can be a long, time consuming process. We may “lock up” parts that we may potentially need in the restoration of a unit and not necessarily get it marked ‘Hold’ or ‘Sold’ on the site right away.

Parts Photos; We get a number of requests for ‘photos’ of a specific part. Unfortunately, in most cases that is not practical as the amount of time involved in posting that exceeds the value of the ‘unique’ part. We will sometimes post photos of less ‘unique’ parts, if there is a greater chance of them being available in multiple quantities, or on a more ‘repeat’ basis.

Shipping on most ‘small’ parts if typically via Postal first class or Postal Priority for both domestic USA and international orders. Larger parts such as transformers and drivers speakers are typically via FedEx gnd. Due to their size and required packing supplies, the cost of ‘packing for safe transit’ and shipping are commonly ‘disproportionate’ to their cost, typically nearly equal to and sometimes greater than the cost of the part.

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Fisher – Price Smart Watch for Boys: See all verified purchase reviews. Customer Reviews 1 review 5 out of 5. The Fisher Price watch comes in two different styles blue for boys, pink for girls , each being a character. Be the first to review.. Be the first to Review this product.

A good starting resource for determining antique toy value is thisoldtoy.

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Assembling a toy collection requires both enthusiasm and skill in selecting different types of toys. Whereas new collectors tend to follow their whims, experienced collectors usually concentrate on specialized areas. Some people collect toys made of a particular material, such as wood, tinplate or cast iron.

Some people collect toys made of a particular material, such as wood, tinplate or cast iron.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Not perfect or mint, but if you’re a fan of the Little People play sets, maybe this is right up your alley. The play set is in good “played with” condition and was just a little dusty from being stored in a basement or attic for awhile. All of the doors and slide out features are intact and funtional, both of the end ramps are included as well.

All of the litho stickers are intact and look good, not peeling off or significantly faded from what I can tell. The pieces show some use, but overall they are pretty nice, none are broken or missing pieces. I am no expert in old F-P toys, but this appears to be good, again it’s no showpiece, but appears to have been well-cared for in it’s previous life. Take a look at the photos, instead of just one photo like many ebay listings, I’ve got multiple supersize pics so you can get a look at what you’re bidding on!

Strictly being sold AS IS, in as found condition. I’ll have a few more Fisher Price toys listed in the next week, so please take a look at my other auctions! Check out my other auctions for vintage motorcycle, car and racing books, magazines, programs, brochures and memorabilia, as I have LOTS of cool vintage items I’m always listing, many unique and hard to find items. And yes, I will always be happy to combine multiple auctions wins to save you money on shipping costs!

Failure to pay within the specified time will result in an unpaid item strike on your account and the item will be re-listed or sold to another bidder.

This Old Toy’s Original “Little People” History

The small-town weirdness I was looking for on this trip was there. A place where they take their building materials VERY seriously. It looks larger than that, as it reminded me somewhat of the 2T back in the 80s.

Imported toys made after are usually marked with the country of origin.

When this figure was at retail included in a set with an ATV which just didn’t appeal to me at all I passed him over. I’m glad I was able to find him now, and for so cheap and especially without the lame ATV because this is one great looking Cyborg! I love the classic armor Cyborg; he’s cartoony enough to remind me of the latest version of the Teen Titans cartoon, which is absolutely hilarious. The first, from the later Voice-Comm sub-line, I found at Marshall’s long after the line had died.

The Voice-Comm version is a more modern Cyborg, and while he’s cool, I much prefer the classic look. As you can see, standard Cyborg and Voice-Comm Cyborg are completely different, which is interesting considering how easy it would have been to re-use a part or two like the head or hands. And since Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel, parts re-use kind of comes with the territory. But no, each is figure is completely unique. Hero World was a great line, sort of an upscaled Imaginext for kids a little bit older than Imaginext’s target audience.

It would have been fun to see the line last, grow and evolve, but it was never meant to be.

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Did it work for you? How to use fisher-price. People can find numerous options online to consider and shop at Fisher-Price, using online coupon codes and discounts.

Quite simply, Fisher Price put children and their families first when providing toys for infants, and pre-schoolers.

With the change of material from wood and metal to molded plastic, the company really allowed their creative juices to flow and began developing toys that would one day become an integral part of childhood for most families. Simple and Fun Developmental Toys The Fisher Price company now a subsidiary of Mattel has always believed that toys for infants should be fun, while helping them to develop their gross or fine motor skills.

From their colorful rock a stack, snap lock beads and shape sorter toys that help children develop their hand-eye coordination as well as can help children start identifying their colors and even counting with parental guidance, to their corn popper, which encourages children to walk. The company has made simple toys that children and parents both love. Imaginative Play Fisher Price also makes a number of fun and exciting imaginative play toys for kids from their out door play houses to their castles, dragons and other fun toys.

Their toddler and baby playground equipment encourages a ton of creative play, while being the right size for those smaller legs to be able to climb, slide and simply have fun on. Their bubble mower, vacuum cleaners and wagons allow children to replica what their parents do, or to play on their own using these tools and their imagination for a variety of adventures limited only by their imagination.

Sturdy and Durable Fisher Price toys are known to be sturdy and durable, often being passed down from child to child and still growing strong. As painful as the process was, and as much revenue as the company lost, they put the safety of children first. While most of the Fisher Price toys manufactured after the s are perfectly safe, the company urges their customers to check the toy recall sites, in order to keep abreast of toys from Fisher Price and other companies that may not be safe for your child.

Quite simply, Fisher Price put children and their families first when providing toys for infants, and pre-schoolers.

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A Used from , this is one of the least reliable dating logos since it didn’t change very often ; the most beneficial thing about it is that if you see it on a toy or a packaging box , well, that means it’s old! B A very nice new logo, wouldn’t you say? And really great for dating purposes, since it was used for one year only However, toys made in ‘ later that were originally introduced in may still cary this logo design on the toy, on the box, or both!

These was made in Japan between and

Be that as it may, the origins and history of the Little People products is not only interesting, but surely ranks as a classic American success story, and certainly exemplifies the true spirit and character of the company logo “Our Work is Child’s Play”. Further details on each of these eras can be found further below. Although there are several different styles of these figures that were produced during this period, they are all similar enough to be classified as the “Original” version, and in fact, this is how most collectors and experts refer to them as a group.

Although these figures are not really any taller than the Original line, they are much wider, thus allowing for an extra measure of child play safety i. Chunky People as most people refer to them are bright and colorful and have an increased level of facial detail and features compared to their predecessors. They certainly represent a recognizable evolution from the original figures, thus keeping the Little People toy line “theme” consistent.

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The chance to explore inside an old toy shop, abandoned five years ago with all its stock left behind like the Mary Celeste of retail is definitely one of them. Dorothy tried to continue to run the store on her own but five years ago, aged in her nineties, she decided she could no longer manage the business and made the decision to shut up shop.

The legend goes that until a few weeks ago, the shop remained in the exact same condition as it was on the day it closed down in … and if that is the case you wonder how on earth it ever managed to operate at all.

By , Mattel decided to market all of its preschool products under the Fisher-Price name.

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